JQuick is an image conversion utility which uses Acorn's standard !ChangeFSI application. However, JQuick is specifically designed with batch processing and simplicity in mind.

JQuick allows images to be converted from the most common formats (including SPRITE, JPEG, GIF and BMP) to the any of these formats - you can even specify for JQuick to toggle the output formats.

The beauty of JQuick is that you can drag a selection of images to it, and it will automatically process one after the other without any intervention required. This can be essential if you have a large number of images in one particular format that you wish to convert to another.

The most popular options are catered for with each format, for example the Quality of a JPEG image can be altered - though many of the more advanced options which people rarely ever use are available. For conversions where any of these options are required, ChangeFSI is probably more suitable. Having said this, a future version of JQuick will probably cater for some of the more advanced options.

Pricing and availability

JQuick is freeware.
JQuick is available NOW!

  Click here to download JQuick   Version 2.00, July 1996. 22K zip file.