Spidersoft was created in the late 1980s by Stuart Marshall. At this time the company specialised in creating small utility software for the BBC range of Micro Computers.

In 1991 Spidersoft launched Spidersoft Public Domain (or Spidersoft PD) onto the Acorn computer scene. The Public Domain library featured within a full page review in Micro Mart Magazine (issue 153, 3rd October 1991). The Public Domain library continued to distribute ground breaking Freeware and Shareware software until 1995 when other mediums (such as the Internet) began to take over.

During February 1992 the first Spidersoft Risc OS application was made publically available. This title, simply titled Cassette was one of first Cassette Inlay designing programs available for Risc OS (it was actually a port of an earlier Spidersoft BBC title) - this title would undergo further development during the next four years and eventually become the popular Inlay 3 application.

Since 1992 Spidersoft have produced quite a number of simple Risc OS applications. In 1996 Spidersoft was the first software developer to provide a utility enabling many software titles to run happily on the new StrongARM processor. This utility named StrongCache caused over 1,000 web site hits within 24 hours of it's launch - a Spidersoft record which still stands today. A follow-up product, inventively named StrongCache 2 is in the pipeline.

Spidersoft is committed to providing Risc OS applications well into the next millennium.

Thank you for your support.