What's New

What's new at Spidersoft

             Date Description
20/07/1999 Added source code for StrongCache to download area.
19/07/1999 Added About Spidersoft page.
06/06/1999 Netpage product withdrawn.
18/01/1999 New version of Initiate imminent.
17/01/1999 StrongCache2 project to be continued after all. More details coming soon.
27/11/1998 Following the shock news from Acorn regarding the closing of the Workstation division several Spidersoft products have been cancelled. These include StrongCache 2, Tyre Trax and AutoSort 3. However, Initiate Pro and RenameFS will go ahead as planned, please see individual pages for revised release dates.
17/05/1998 Updated News section to include details about the new Peanut portable.
18/04/1998 New version of X-Filer added to freeware pages.
18/10/1997 Added Netpage to Shareware product pages.
04/10/1997 New demonstration preview version of Tyre Trax added. Added Spidersoft Backdrops to the freeware pages.
20/09/1997 Nice new graphic on main index page, thanks to Christopher Jarman.
27/08/1997 Added link to download Interface module from Inlay 3 pages.
10/08/1997 Corrected link to Stuart's personal homepage on Who are Spidersoft section.
19/07/1997 Notepad, version 2.20 released (now Shareware).
14/07/1997 Added "Visions of the Impossible" homepage on links page.
12/07/1997 New, reworked Spidersoft site opened.
22/09/1996 Original Spidersoft site opened.